We provide our clients with complete advertising services.

We will make sure that your advertising campaign awakens an interest in your brand, goods, services and products.

An advantage of our production is that we make everything “in-house.” Therefore, we can do without outsourcing any services and it considerably reduces the cost of a campaign in comparison with other advertising agencies.

The first impression you make has a crucial impact on how you are perceived by your surroundings. Therefore, the visual aspect of your presentation is very important.

When designing an advertising campaign, we bet on image, style, simplicity and functionality.

We offer our graphic services from design to implementation in the fields such as corporate identity, internet and event arrangements.

We can make and provide logotypes, slogans, catalogues, folders, brochures and leaflets, posters, banners, billboards, web design, copyright, design of covers, advertising on vehicles, printing, gift items, photographs, corporate printed matter, magazines, newspapers and calendars.

We will arrange advertising for you on selected stations, in cinemas and multiplexes and on advertising screens, and purchase advertising in the press.

We will plan sound advertising campaigns so that we can reach potential customers efficiently.

We possess a professionally equipped audio-visual studio where we work on advertising from an idea, storyboard, timing, casting to shooting or photographing. Then, we plan and propose the targeted media mix and carry out the media purchasing.

We work with all means of communication available.

We will assist you in becoming different from your competition by using the latest marketing communication.

Our graphic designers will process your company’s website so that it is catchy and clear for your clients and customers.

We will guide you in the field of the internet advertising.

We will arrange your advertising on Google, Facebook, Seznam and other internet sites.

We will set PPC (pay per click) campaigns and implement e.g. priority entries in catalogues. We will aim you campaign at social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and others.

We will implement your ideas in an original and unusual way and, at the same time, we will evaluate entirely in a rational way how successful your campaigns in process and how efficient your marketing campaigns are.

We are an agency providing full marketing services

We will help you make effective impression on your surroundings, partners, clients or customers.

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